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Information about Back To Basics, Inc.
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MORSERV commercial multi-family or residential mortgage loan servicing (under 20 loans $50.00 per month) accounting and investor reporting non-GUI software is our flagship product supporting interim or long-term mortgage loan servicing organizations since 1983.  

This site,, no longer hosts as of January 1, 2012.

Visit for the Windows version information and vendor contact information.

Click HERE to request FREE evaluation MORSERV mortgage loan servicing software
an oldie ( since 1983 ) and still reliable.

Back To Basics, Inc. is a Birmingham, Alabama based software company that has been involved in information services since 1967.  Our experience and expertise in varied business software solutions has been the key to our success.  

Located in the mid-South, we are in contact with business software requirements on a daily basis. Our software is installed in many of the major cities in the United States.

Our commitment is to continue providing quality software products and services for our existing and future customers!


E-mail:  telephone (205) 981-0190
or E-mail:  fax (205) 991-8603
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