Information about our Services

In addition to our flagship product MORSERV, we also offer other services and assistance to our business partners. Our specialty services are listed below:

EBCDIC to Ascii data conversion
Legacy application data is frequently packed/signed in the mainframe world that does not readily move to the PC environment.  If you are contemplating migrating your data to the PC environment we would like to discuss your requirements and view a sample of your data file(s) to evaluate the probability of success.  Your planned migration target dates for testing and production will also be discussed.

Performance Tuning
Many applications are installed with default performance values that show up with slower and slower workstation  response times months or years after the development team completed their process.  If you are experiencing this situation, we may be able to assist you.  Prior success has been achieved with VSAM, Unix ,Sybase and MS Access applications.  Call us to review your 'opportunity'.

Custom Software Projects

We offer custom software project development. Most of these projects are directly related to the financial services aspects of business and are available to our customers as a value added service.

If your organization has a need for our specialty services, please give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your requirements.

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