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Order/Invoice for MORSERV mortgage loan servicing software license  (circle one)      New       Extension
    including mortgagor information, loan notes, daily cash accounting, delinquency management,
    escrow administration, investor reporting, print to disk for E-mail attachment, data export, send report via fax.
    Software to be installed on ONE single computer (server, peer-to-peer host or stand-alone).
Initial - up front software license fee - NO CHARGE

AL  Twelve (12) months license use and support fee for 0 - 20 active loans
          OR   ( circle your requested license term  AL or QL, please )
QL  Three (3) months license use and support fee for 21 to 200 active loans                               $     600.00

We have                  active loans at this time (circle one)  Estimated or Trial Balance (last page included)
                  -   200   covered in base license use and support fee
                               x $.20 per month x 3 months     (rounded down to nearest $10.00)              $ ________

One copy for ______________ operating environment              License use and support total    $
                any Windows Vista/XP/NT/back to W95/Novell Netware or Citrix

Number of  users to be licensed? ________                                                        One-time fee    $ ________
       1 @ N/C    5 @ $645     20 @ $1,215 (one-time fee for New license only)

To be installed on only one computer (server, peer-to-peer host or stand-alone).
Total amount included with order payable to Back To Basics, Inc.                    ( U.S. $ )          $===========
This Order Form is your invoice.  If billing is required, $100.00 will be added to your total amount.
Routine enhancements provided at no additional charge.
All state, local or international taxes are responsibility of licensed organization.
Our name may be included in BTB reference list.       Yes    No

We were referred to MORSERV by: __________________________ Telephone: _________________

SIGNED BY OFFICER:___________________________________DATE:_______________

Printed name of officer: ______________________________________________
Shipped within seven  (7) business days of receipt of payment.  CD-Rom or 3 1/2" media?
To expedite shipping, please bill shipping charges to FedEx Account No.__________________________.
last revised 3/8/2012, subject to change.

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